Rhode Island voters will decide on November 4th whether to convene a constitutional convention.

RenewRI, comprising a non-partisan group of diverse individuals and organizations, encourages voters to approve a constitutional convention by voting YES on Question 3. We believe that convening a constitutional convention is an indispensable right to restoring confidence in our democratic institutions, protecting basic rights and ensuring fairer, more accountable and effective government in RI. 

RenewRI Members

  • Jan Bergandy, Board Member, RI Association of School Committees
  • Beverly Clay, Citizen Activist
  • William Clay, Citizen Activist
  • Patrick T. Conley - Author of Article XIV (the convention article); co-author of The Rhode Island Constitution: A Reference Guide; attorney; professor; Historian Laureate of Rhode Island; President of the Rhode Island Heritage Hall of Fame.
  • Timothy Duffy, Executive Director, RI Association of School Committees
  • Liana Ferreira Fenton, Executive Board Member, RI Association of School Committees
  • Lawrence J. Fitzmorris, Interim Chairman, RI Taxpayers Association, President, Portsmouth Concerned Citizens
  • Robert G. Flanders, Jr., Esq., Partner, Hinckley, Allen & Snyder LLP, Former Associate Justice, RI Supreme Court, Chair, Board of Regents for Elementary and Secondary Education, Central Falls Receiver, co-author, The Rhode Island State Constitution, A Reference Guide
  • Jo Eva Gaines, RI Board of Education, Vice-Chair Newport School Committee
  • Lawrence Girouard, President, RI Taxpayers Association
  • Alan G. Hassenfeld, Chairman, Hassenfeld Family Initiatives, Inc., former Chief Executive, Hasbro, Inc.
  • Margaret Kane, President, Operation Clean Government
  • Timothy Murphy, MD, Medical Director, Vascular Disease Research Center, Brown University
  • Stephen Robinson, Esq., Partner, Robinson & Clapham, Education Reform Advocate
  • Sandy Riojas, Vice President, Operation Clean Government
  • Randall Rose, Citizen activist
  • Gary Sasse, Founding Director, Hassenfeld Institute for Public Leadership, Bryant University, former Director of the Departments of Administration & Revenue, State of RI, former Executive Director, RIPEC
  • Barry Schiller, Board Member, Operation Clean Government
  • James Courtney Segovis, Ph.D., Professor of Management, Bryant University, William M. Davies, Jr. Career and Technical High School Board of Trustees
  • Mike Stenhouse
  • H. Philip West, Jr., Author, Secrets and Scandals: Reforming Rhode Island, 1986-2006, former Executive Director, Common Cause RI
  • John Hazen White, Jr., President & CEO, Taco, Inc.
  • Samuel D. Zurier, Esq., Member, Providence City Council