Election Decision 2014: Should RI Hold a Constitutional Convention?

As provided by Article 14, Section 2 in the state Constitution, RI voters get the chance once every 10 years to decide yes or no to hold a constitutional convention. On Tuesday, November 4, voters will get that chance. Question 3 on the ballot will ask voters this simple question: “Shall there be a convention to amend and revise the constitution?” RenewRI has formed for the express purpose of encouraging Rhode Islanders to vote YES on Question 3. Review our mission and see our members.  

RenewRI encourages citizens of our state to study the issues involved so they can make an informed decision on Question 3 when they cast their votes on Nov. 4. If you support holding a constitutional convention, please join us and consider a donation to help us spread the message: Our Constitution needs an update and a constitutional convention is the means to accomplish that.